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Analyze & Advise

A classic consulting model involves studies that gather information, evaluate alternatives, draw conclusions, and provide recommendations.  When the objective is to find the answer to a specific question, that’s the approach that Kate McEnroe offers.

Whether to address an issue with expertise beyond internal resources, extend the bandwidth of your own staff, or simply provide an objective point of view, an approach and deliverable can be designed to address a variety of positioning issues, as these examples show.


For Places

  • Workforce Business Case Evaluation and Development
  • Tactical Marketing Plans
  • Research Agenda Plans
  • Screening Assessment Benchmarking
  • Organization Benchmarking

For People

  • Mapping Local Opportunities
  • Mapping Career Opportunities

For Enterprises

  • Competitive Intelligence for Talent Managers
  • Talent Portfolio Assessment and Monitoring
  • Relocation and Expansion Site Selection
  • Consolidation Site Selection
  • Merger and Acquisition Location Optimization