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Coach & Facilitate

Ideally, the relationship between consultant and client doesn’t just transfer information, it increases the competencies and capabilities of the organization long after the consultant has left.  A coaching and facilitation approach is the solution for individuals and organizations that want that residual value and are in a position to invest the time to be active counterparties to the initiative.

Here are situations that lend themselves to a coaching and facilitation approach:

For Enterprises

  • Coaching Support for your Site Selection Team
  • Connecting with Economic Developers
  • Designing your Site Selection Project

For Places

  • Designing a Regional Economic Development Agenda
  • Designing Your Economic Development Research Agenda
  • Dynamic Workforce Business Case Development
  • Marketing Event Design
  • Marketing Material Makeovers
  • Polish Your Presentation – The Speed Date Coach
  • Screening Assessment Exercise

For People

  • Lifestyle Literacy
  • Design your Life
  • Economic Development Basics for Foundations
  • Touching Base – Coaching for Economic Development Professionals