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Speak & Train

Kate McEnroe offers a range of formats from keynote and breakout presentations to skill-building workshops, seminars, and courses.  You and your team can benefit from developing new competencies and from learning how to interpret and leverage the competitive landscape.  Kate McEnroe can deliver compelling and actionable insights that will motivate and inspire.

Here are some examples of topics that energize and galvanize teams and individuals alike.

For Enterprises

  • Do It Yourself Site Selection
  • Is it a WHERE Problem?
  • Partnering with Economic Developers
  • The Secret Language of Site Selection
  • Where are my employees?
  • Who’s Driving the Bus? – Designing Your Site Selection Team

For Places


  • Diagnose, Describe, Disseminate Workforce Workshop
  • Economic Development for Board Members and Public Officials
  • Fam Tour Diaries
  • Marketing Material Workshop
  • Millennial Diversity
  • Places I Remember
  • Rock Stars, Role Models, and Really Unique Stuff
  • Some Things Change, Some Thing Never Do
  • The Magic is in the Message
  • The Speed Date
  • Video Training Series (see more)
  • Visualizing Economic Development

For People

  • Core Competencies for Economic Developers
  • Finding Your Place in the World
  • Lifestyle Literacy
  • Return on Education
  • Teach Your Children Well
  • Wanted:  Millennials – Sorting through Talent Attraction Offers