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The Art & Science of Positioning

My experience helps you cut through the clutter of people and places competing for attention in a noisy world.  What data really matters?  What stories are compelling?  How do you leverage your resources and find your ideal position?

With a direct style and flexible approach, I deliver classic consulting reports; coach you and your organization to enhance your internal capabilities; and educate, enlighten, and galvanize you and your stakeholders.

Wayfinding for Places


How do we create a compelling business case for business to invest?

How can we best allocate our marketing and staff resources?

How do I make sure my marketing is memorable?

How do we build lasting core competencies into our organization?


What I do for places…

Wayfinding for People


How can I get a quick, cost-effective Economic Development education?

Am I in the right place?

What decisions should I make now to give me the most options for my future?

What is the best advice I can give to my children or students about their education and career choices?

I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur too, can you help me navigate this path?


What I do for people…

Wayfinding for Enterprises


Where can we find the talent we need?

What locations will give us a competitive advantage?

When is it time to look elsewhere?

How do we continuously evaluate our place strategy?


What I do for enterprises…