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HI, I’m Kate McEnroe

Many of you who stop by here are probably friends from the worlds of site selection, economic development, and workforce development, and this is a place for me to share some of my thoughts on those topics

Just for fun, I’ll no doubt include some thoughts on the other things that have intrigued me or brought me joy, whether it be arts, travel, food, or who knows what, I’m just getting started!

The rules of swag video now on YouTube.

As promised, here’s the second installation of my thoughts on economic development promotional materials, otherwise known as swag. This was part of a recent webinar organized by Consultant Connect, and is a voice-narrated presentation of the section of the...

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The evolution of ED swag.

The Evolution of Swag highlights how the popular things we use to market places have changed as our ideas of what is “cool” have evolved. Here is a link to the PDF: The Evolution of Swag.

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