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From the start of her career, Kate McEnroe has been closely involved in positioning strategies for her employers and her clients.  Her career began with AT&T, executing location decisions associated with the Bell System divestiture.  Moving into line management positions gave her the experience to know what it is like to live with the consequences of site selection decisions.  That early experience gave her the foundation to craft strategies, analyze options, and develop recommendations for an extensive variety of for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises across a range of industries, sizes, and ownership structures.

The examples below showcase the flexibility of approach and depth of experience Kate McEnroe can offer to corporate clients.

Analyze and Advise

  • Competitive Intelligence for Talent Managers
  • Talent Portfolio Assessment and Monitoring
  • Relocation and Expansion Site Selection
  • Consolidation Site Selection
  • Merger and Acquisition Location Optimization

Coach and Facilitate

  • Coaching Support for your Site Selection Team
  • Connecting with Economic Developers
  • Designing your Site Selection Project
  • Site Selection for Solo-preneurs

Speak and Train

  • Is it a WHERE Problem?
  • Partnering with Economic Developers
  • The Secret Language of Site Selection
  • Where are my employees?
  • Designing Your Site Selection Team