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My Point of View


Connecting people and places has always been at the core of my consulting practice.  Economic developers need to position themselves in their organizations and community in ways that serve their own interests as well as those of the places they serve.  Equally important, students and adults making education and career decisions, as well as the parents and educators that influence them, benefit from understanding how to make choices and investments that will fulfill their aspirations.

 In addition to services I can bring to people in those roles,  I have been a successful solo-preneur for almost 30 years, during times of great industry change.  That personal experience and my ability to organize chaos, synthesize insights, and accelerate change are the basis for services I offer to fellow entrepreneurs and anyone navigating transitions in their work roles.

Here are a few examples of how we might work together.

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Virtual Services

Kate On-Call – Coaching for ED Professionals
The Speed Date Coach
Video Training Series for Economic Developers
Accelerating Execution




Core Competencies for Economic Developers
Finding your Place in the World
Lifestyle Literacy
The Solopreneur’s Glidepath



Group Workshops

Evaluating Talent Attraction Offers
Return on Education
Mapping Local Opportunities
Mapping Career Opportunities
Polishing your Presentation


Custom Consulting

Accelerating Personal Execution
AEM Cube Contribution Preference Assessments
MARI Assessments (Mandala Research Instrument)