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I’m a collector of information and experiences around a lot of different topics, some work-related, some work-adjacent, and some about the things I do the rest of the time.  Here are some sources and resources you might enjoy exploring.


NEWLY UPDATED in October 2022!

I’ve developed a great interest in the science behind effective data visualization, from both a graphic design standpoint and from the perspective of neurological processing.  I’ve been taking classes, collecting certificates, and gathering inspiration.  Click here or on the card catalogue and check your downloads for a PDF I’ve assembled to share with you some of my favorite teachers, resources, and inspirations.

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I love living in downtown Chicago, and I know a lot of you come here on business or just for fun.  Click here or on the card catalogue to access some of my favorite places to eat and things to do while you are here, whether to meet a friend or entertain a group.







My husband and I love the trips we have taken to Italy.  Some would say we are in a rut because we have gone to the same places over and over, but we think we are just in a groove.  Click here or on the card catalogue for some of our favorite places, mostly along the Amalfi Coast with a little bit about Rome thrown in.

In December 2019 I was part of the “faculty” at Consultant Connect’s Economix Conference in Charleston, South Carolina (that was a lot of “c”s in one sentence!).  Anyway, I was a panelist in the last segment of the conference, a discussion moderated by Ron Kitchens on “Innovators and Disruptors”.  When I got home, I found there was a lot we didn’t get to, so I made a series of videos addressing each of the questions we had asked to be prepared to answer.  They’re short, so it still feels like there is a lot to say, but it is my way of continuing the conversation.  Click here or on the card catalogue to go to the videos.

I’ve published a few things over the years about “swag” – the products economic developers use as gifts and promotional messages carriers for their areas.  One of these days, this section will house all of them collected in one place, but right now, this section will take you to he Swaggable Stuff page on this web site, where I feature profiles of artists that I think would make great partners for economic developers.  I hope it will inspire you to seek out people like this in your community to support.

Here is a link to some videos I sent out to my mailing list in March of 2020.  They cover a few of my answers to the questions I am most frequently asked when I sit on site selector panels or meet with economic developers in other settings.