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I can only imagine the challenge of suddenly working at home, and maybe home-schooling too.  On top of that, now you have to figure out how to convey the same messages as many other organizations, and with great resource constraints.

Here’s a group exercise I’ve used in workshops to demonstrate how being asked to do the same thing with the same resources and limitations as your allies or competitors doesn’t have to stifle your creativity.

Start with a design on paper of any kind.  I use the outline of quilt blocks because I’m a quilter, so here’s one for you to download.  It could be as complex as a mandala you draw starting from a blank circle (try this) or as simple as the outline of a house.

Now, everyone gets the same 4 colors of crayons or colored pencils or markers.  Yes, you can do a digital version, but same rules apply, limit everyone who plays to the same 4 colors.

Now, go at it – don’t overthink it, 10 minutes or so is just fine.

You know what you will find?  Lots of diversity, lots of imagination. In multiple groups of 30 people each, zero duplication.

Keep that in mind the next time you are creating or approving website designs, marketing collateral, or your next COVID-19 related email or post – there is always a way to put a memorable twist on a common task.