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Talent recruitment programs targeted at bring people “home” have been going on for a while, and for a while Michigan communities have been capitalizing on the holiday seasons to encourage people to come back home during the time they are most like to come back home anyway.  Not to mention during the time all of their local friends and family are most likely to be tugging at their heartstrings and amping up the nostalgia.  I purposely delayed this post until after Thanksgiving, because I think these Michigan programs deserve a clear field, and because for any of you thinking of following in their footsteps, it takes time to plan and execute well. I know of other places that do homecoming events, some around holidays and some not, but the multiple simultaneous events across the state are a pretty unique way to leverage and amplify efforts.    Compounding the impact further, in addition to the promotion done by individual communities a number of sponsors and host organizations have collected their efforts under the Back to Michigan website (https://www.backtomichigan.com/).  It’s a little late for Christmas events like this – Mother’s Day anyone?