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Reverse job fairs have intrigued me for a while, so when I went looking for an example, I found the Racine County EDC promoting several that were produced in spring 2023 by Gateway Technical College for manufacturing and IT students.  Then, I came across Mid-State Technical College in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where an IT reverse career fair will be held in spring 2024.   I especially like these examples because they are happening in the two-year and certificate programs, not just at college and university levels.

Here are a couple of links for you to read about these Wisconsin programs:

Racine EDC – Gateway Tech College

Mid-State Tech College

Is it more uncomfortable for the students to “pitch” themselves than to hear pitches directly at them?  Maybe, or maybe it really is a culmination of an education.

I could find more examples I’m sure – in fact they seemed to be having a moment and were spreading rapidly pre-COVID.  So, if it is an idea you had that went a little dormant, it might be time to revive it.  Not sure what one is or how to do it?  The American Institute for Research is one source among many you could Google that created a short strategy guide you can find here.