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Congratulations, Mississippi, for the gift you have given yourselves.  In case I need to be more clear, good work on changing your state flag.  It is one more conversation that you don’t have to have on the way to focusing on how to continue to support your businesses and your citizens through comprehensive economic development initiatives.

Economic developers know that things that seem to change suddenly are often the visible manifestation of the persistent efforts of people whose names many of us will never know.  So many of you can appreciate what a long game you are in, and how much has to happen behind the scenes before you can announce a new industrial park, training program, or infrastructure investment that makes your communities better places to live and work.  Some of you are just now benefitting from the efforts of those who came before you.  If you are tired and frustrated and feel like it is just taking too long to see the change you are working for, remember them.  I celebrate you all.