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I’m sensing a theme in my posts – apparently these days I am more drawn to programs and initiatives that are less about splashy announcement headlines today and more about trying to create better long-term environments.

What caught my eye this time is the announcement that New Mexico is expanding eligibility for government funded childcare, eliminating co-pays for families earning up to 400% of the federal poverty level.

Two other planks of the expanded program are a competitive grant cycle to expand access for an additional 800 children, as well as stipends for individuals currently studying to be child care professionals.

These programs, which go into force in May 2022, follow the state’s rapid deployment of American Rescue Plan funds earmarked for childcare to stabilize the industry throughout the state in late 2021.

There are more details here and here

Critics may point out that the funding set aside isn’t “forever”. There’s never any guarantee that funding for programs like this will last forever.  There is pretty much a guarantee that if you don’t try something, there’s no chance for positive change.