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Placemaking, the arts, and crowd sourcing, three powerful tools for economic developers. The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership’s Make It Your Own Mural Fest has tapped into all of those things to create community and build the “Make It Your Own” brand.  They understand that you can’t expect outsiders to be more excited about your area than the people who live there, and that this kind of authentic engagement does more than any tag line or ad campaign. I’ve written before in this blog, and no doubt will again, about some economic developers and some not so “ordinary” citizens that are using imagination, whimsy, and sometimes humor to create opportunities to bring people together around an idea and nourish the soul of the place they are marketing and the place they call home.  You can read more about their project, and the other initiatives that are designed to breath life into the “Make It Your Own” brand here:  https://neindiana.com/mural-festival