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These days economic developers are literally the faces of the communities they represent as we continue to meet with one another in Zoom-ville.  In-person visits and accidental and purposeful marketing initiatives have given me a a treasure trove of memories, but I don’t think any of them will be as long-lasting years from now as the conversations I have been having over Zoom.  Some of you are using this time and opportunity to schedule a new version of community presentations; you can’t help yourselves, you keep on-mission whatever the obstacles, and I applaud you.  The interactions that have been most meaningful for me, though, are the calls I have been hosting three times a week where I get to listen to you talk to one another, share with one another, and once again demonstrate your commitment to making the places you live better for everyone who lives there and opening the doors to new companies and new people.  In your interactions with me and with one another you are modelling the best thing we can do right now – take care of ourselves, take care of each other, find ways to help, and meet everyone where they are.