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Reverse Job Fairs are an interesting twist on the renaissance of job and career fairs proliferating across the country.  This year, in West Virginia, a series of Reverse Job Fairs was launched, giving some Career and Technical Education students the opportunity to bring their skills to life directly in front of potential employers.  The participating students also took part in the State’s Simulated Workplace program.  Credentials on paper are important, but seeing is believing, and this is a powerful idea.  You can read more about the fairs here http://wvmetronews.com/2019/04/22/reverse-job-fairs-at-career-and-technical-schools-begin-tuesday/  and here:  https://commerce.wv.gov/news/reverse-job-fairs .  Another example of this kind of program was launched this year in Nassau County:  https://nassaureversejobfair.com/what-is-a-reverse-job-fair/ . Note to readers:  When I choose places and programs to feature in these posts, it isn’t because I think I have discovered the only place that has this kind of activity going in.  In fact, I am almost always aware that these aren’t unique programs.  What is unique, though, is that something about the way this place promoted its initiative crossed my path, speaking to the power of marketing.