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We had just started to get pretty used to drone video of major industrial sites and business parks, and were even seeing some virtual reality presentations from time to time when virtual suddenly became the only option, at least for a while.  Wichita Falls has kept up with that trend, but taken it a step further.  This summer, the Wichita Falls Chamber tapped a local business to create a virtual 3-D walkthrough of a key office site.  Maybe you’ve seen something similar if you’ve been house hunting, or just fantasy house hunting.  You can choose you own path, and even measure distances and heights.  I’m told this is just the beginning. What I find exciting is the fact that this happened quickly – no big complicated discussion about adopting a whole new technology platform that needed a capital budget.  A local business had the skills and the insight to offer them, and the job was done quickly and cost effectively.  Check out their results here:  https://landinwichitafalls.com/buildings/