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Maybe you need a study, but maybe what you could really use is a guide to walk you through how to best organize and activate the information you already have before you reinvent the wheel.  Need extra research?  Great, let’s just make sure it’s focused and you wind up with a system to refresh internally instead of a study that’s outdated before you get a chance to implement it.

A guide is someone who has been there before, who can assess where you are and what path is best for you, and will share the experience  and the workload with you.

I encourage clients to start by identifying the issues they are trying to resolve instead of the name of the study they want.  Then, together, we design a cost effective approach, one that adds a combination of my expertise and my bandwidth in the mix that is right for your organization

What kinds of issues are in my wheelhouse?

Documenting your Workforce Story and Designing the System to keep it refreshed

Planning your best pitch – from Speed Dates to Fam Tours to RFP responses

Redesigning your marketing collateral with high impact Storytelling and Data Visualizations

Facilitating Accelerated Execution of small victory solutions to problems that require collaboration

Personal and Organizational ad-hoc Coaching


Kate McEnroe has been a location and economic development consultant for over 30 years, She has deep expertise in workforce issues, maximizing marketing relationships, optimizing data visualization and storytelling, and accelerating tangible results. Through speaking engagements, workshops and classes, and customized consulting projects she marries her experience with your circumstances to move you, your organization, and your community forward.

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