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If you know me, you know I’m more of a talker and a writer, but lately I’ve been thinking in paragraphs and lists.  I’ve also finally pulled together some resources that I’ve passed on to friends from time to time, and this seems like a good place to house things that don’t exactly belong on my web site.

For example, for several years we have lived part-time in Chicago, and now live here full-time.  We’ve been asked from time to time to recommend restaurants for personal or business events, and I’ve started to gather my thoughts into a resource.  I’m starting with restaurants, but plan to add some of our other favorite things to do here in the city.  (I also spent years giving these kind of recommendations about Atlanta, where I lived for over 20 years, so feel free to ask me about that as well).

Here is a link for you to the current version of my Chicago Restaurant Recommendations – it’s a work in progress so check back often!

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