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Economix Innovators and Disruptors Panel – Expanded Remarks

It was my pleasure to participate in the Economix 2019 Conference put on by Consultant Connect in Charleston South Carolina.  In addition to holding “office hours” and enjoying some great dinners and dinner conversation, I was asked to be part of a panel called Innovators and Disruptors that was moderated by Ron Kitchens.  Those panels are always both too long and not long enough, so when I got home I decided to create these short videos to elaborate on some of my thoughts and to address some of the questions we didn’t have time for.

(By the way, my spell check tells me that “disruptors” should be “disrupters”, but I’m going to go rogue here and stick with the way we spelled it at the conference).

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What isn’t working any more?


What 3 things would I change?



Where are the breakdowns?


If I could hire 5  developers. . .?



Who is best in class?


What companies am I watching?



What do I do to stay fresh?