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A lot of authors are trying to get our attention by writing about how to fight back against people trying to get our attention.  This one appealed to me for two reasons.  First, the author has created an interesting model that breaks down two different strategies for handling internal versus external triggers that distract you.  Then, the model suggests tools to decrease distractions and increase TRACTION – a great way to describe the opposite of distraction.

What’s really interesting, is that if you look closely you will see that the author, Nir Eyal, also wrote a book called “Hooked”, which was basically designed to be a bible for people who are trying to design products and services with the express purpose of distracting you.  So I guess this book is his way of helping you “hack back” (his term) against the successes he created with his earlier work.

Here’s a reprint of the model the book is built around – it’s a quick read and worth your time.


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