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Panels might be popular, but keynotes are the best way for me to add value to your association conferences, annual meetings, and more


Here are some of the issues I can address for your economic development and stakeholder audiences

What’s the competitive environment we face?
What are consultants and investors looking for?
What are the most competitive places doing that might work here?

How can we get the most out of our marketing and staff resources?
What should we stop doing, and what should we do more of?
What are realistic stretch goals for our community or region?
What are the best contributions our board and elected officials can make?

You can request custom content or choose from presentations ready to go such as:

A Place I’ll Remember
Barriers, Boundaries, and Beliefs: Stories for You, Your Work, Your Community
It’s Not Going to Turn Out LIke That – Setting Expectations to Support Sustained Success

Myths, Lies, and the Brutal Truth
Accelerating Execution

Keynotes are generally 30 minutes to 1 hour
Keynotes can be delivered in person or virtually – your preference and your budget will decide
Keynotes can be combined with additional services such as group workshops or custom consulting to save on fees
Fees will include all travel related expenses
Standard fees for in person events starting at $3,500
No recording and redistribution without permission


Kate McEnroe has been a location and economic development consultant for over 30 years, She has deep expertise in workforce issues, maximizing marketing relationships, optimizing data visualization and storytelling, and accelerating tangible results. Through speaking engagements, workshops and classes, and customized consulting projects she marries her experience with your circumstances to move you, your organization, and your community forward.

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