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VIRTUAL SERVICES are nothing new to me. . .

They are a part of each suite of services that also includes Keynotes, Workshops, and Custom Consulting.  These services allow me to offer clients content that can be delivered on-demand or live and at an attractive price point.

When you sign up as an individual, you can choose from self-paced classes or on-demand coaching on a range of topics.  You’ll find the current self-paced offerings at Kate McEnroe OnDemand, my on-line learning platform.

If you are responsible for delivering professional development to your membership or partner organizations, you can sponsor self-paced classes and video series, live or on-demand webinars, and group or individual coaching sessions.



Kate McEnroe has been a location and economic development consultant for over 30 years, She has deep expertise in workforce issues, maximizing marketing relationships, optimizing data visualization and storytelling, and accelerating tangible results. Through speaking engagements, workshops and classes, and customized consulting projects she marries her experience with your circumstances to move you, your organization, and your community forward.

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