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Connecting people and places has always been at the core of Kate McEnroe’s consulting practice.  Economic developers need to position themselves in their organization and community in ways that serve their own interests as well as those of the communities they serve.  Equally important, students and adults making education and career decisions, as well as the parents and educators that influence them, benefit from understanding how to make choices and investments in themselves that will fulfill their aspirations.

Analyze & Advise

  • Mapping Career Opportunities
  • Mapping Local Opportunities

Coach & Facilitate

  • Design your Life
  • Economic Development Basics for Foundations
  • Lifestyle Literacy
  • Touching Base – Coaching for Economic Development Professionals

Speak & Train

  • Core Competencies for Economic Developers
  • Finding your Place in the World
  • Lifestyle Literacy
  • Return on Education
  • Teach Your Children Well
  • Wanted:  Millennials – Sorting through Talent Attraction Offers