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Analyst ∞ Advisor       Coach ∞ Facilitator        Speaker ∞ Trainer


Whatever size place you represent and whatever budget you have to work with, Kate McEnroe can help pull a team together and deploy resources in ways that are impactful to stakeholders, customers, and prospects.

The examples below showcase the flexibility of approach and depth of experience Kate McEnroe can offer to state, regional, and local economic development organizations as well as to their utility and workforce allies.

Analyze & Advise

  • Marketing Material Review
  • Tactical Marketing Plan Development
  • Screening Assessment
  • Organization Benchmarking
  • Workforce Business Case Evaluation and Development

Coach & Facilitate

  • Designing a Regional Economic Development Agenda
  • Dynamic Workforce Business Case Development
  • Economic Development Research Agenda
  • Marketing Event Design
  • Marketing Material Development
  • Polish Your Presentation
  • Screening Assessment Exercise
  • Visualizing Economic Development

Speak & Train


  • Diagnose, Describe, Disseminate Workforce Workshop
  • Economic Development for Board Members and Public Officials
  • Fam Tour Diaries
  • High Impact Marketing
  • Marketing Material Workshop
  • Millennial Diversity
  • Places I Remember
  • Rock Stars, Role Models, and Really Unique Stuff
  • Some Things Change, Some Thing Never Do
  • The Speed Date
  • Titles to Headlines
  • Video Training Series (see more)
  • Visualizing Economic Development