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I’m a “teach to fish” type of consultant, so workshops are a great format for me to share some ideas with your teams that can have a big impact and become self-sustaining.  Workshops are also a great way to give the members of an individual organization or a regional community of partners and allies a common understanding and a common experience.


Most of my workshops are custom-designed for your team but typically align with one or more of my suites of services – take a look at these examples:


Working with Consultants

Screening Bootcamp
Speed Dating 101
Polish Your Presentation

Your Workforce Story

DARN It:  Develop, Attract,
Retain, Network
Diagnose, Describe,
Disseminate, Discipline

Redesign Your Data

Visualizing Workforce Data
     Principles and Exercises
Hand-on Data Makeover

Accelerated Execution

Strategic Doing: Moving the
     Strategic Plan off the Shelf
Strategic Doing: Crash Projects
     and Small Victories
Journey Mapping for
    Workforce Development

Workshops are generally 3 hours or 6 hours
Maximum effective group size of 20-25
Pre- and post-work can be incorporated
In person is best, virtual is an option, hybrid is not suitable
Fees will include all travel related expenses
No recording and redistribution without permission

Kate McEnroe has been a location and economic development consultant for over 30 years, She has deep expertise in workforce issues, maximizing marketing relationships, optimizing data visualization and storytelling, and accelerating tangible results. Through speaking engagements, workshops and classes, and customized consulting projects she marries her experience with your circumstances to move you, your organization, and your community forward.

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