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From my point of view

We’ve all seen it – the strategic action items that never seem to move forward because today’s emergencies use up all of your time, or maybe you’ve formed committees to tackle issues, but they generate more ideas than results.

Big visions and big plans are great, but to get stuff done you have to harness your distinctive resources and networks to commit to tackling high impact, highly “doable” projects right now.  Small successes, one after the other, will get you exactly where you want to be.  So, what are you waiting or?  Let’s execute.


WHY work with me?

I’m a certified Strategic Doing Practitioner and trained in Design Thinking.  Both are powerful frameworks for setting priorities and practical problem solving.  I use these toolkits and my expertise in coaching organizations and individuals to identify personal and economic growth strategies.  Besides, I’m a quilter, I know how to build something big and impactful one small piece at a time.

   WHO Can Benefit?

State, Regional, and Local EDOs
Utility Economic Developers
Economic Development Associations


WHAT can we work on?

Executing a Plan
Managing Collaboration
Engaging Stakeholders


HOW can we do it?