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From my point of view

Is your data complete and impactful or cluttered and forgettable? Do you want to know how your visuals can leave a lasting, clear impression, even when you aren’t there to explain them?

Let me help you take your data from a jumble to clear, concise, and visually ready for your next project.

WHY work with me?

I’ve been working as a site location and economic development consultant for over 25 years.  That means I have been on the receiving end of your marketing material for just as long.  Motivated to take that experience to the next level, I have studied with some of the best data visualization thought leaders and now bring my expertise and training home to the economic development community.

   WHO Can Benefit?

State, Regional, and Local EDOs
Utility Economic Developers
Economic Development Associations


WHAT can we work on?

Marketing Collateral
Presentation Decks
Website Content
Speed Dates


HOW can we do it?