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From my point of view

Economic Developers work hard for funding to market and respond to prospects, I’ve been privileged to be on the receiving end of those efforts for many years. My goal is that you use your resources in the most impactful way possible. Sometimes that means giving you insight into how site selectors work and think, sometimes it means telling you what you should stop doing, and sometimes it means reflecting back to you the strongest advantages your community has.


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Economic Development Organizations
Power Company Developers
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Executing a Plan
Managing Collaboration
Engaging Stakeholders


Over 25 years of experience as a site selector and a strong peer network provides me with a perspective to share that helps economic developers understand how consultants work and think.  That’s why I’m the right collaborator to make you and your community memorable to them in the best way possible.


Places I Remember
Myths, Lies, and the Brutal Truth



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Screening Bootcamp
Speed Dating 101
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