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Economic Development Organizations should have the capability to create and maintain their own workforce stories. Whether you’re almost a pro, just starting to pull it all together, or somewhere in between, I can help you understand your audience and your assets, put in place a framework and a narrative, and design a cost effective system that will always be up to date.

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At the start of my career, I was responsible for executing on the recommendations of a site consultant and managing through workforce implications.  Now, after many years of evaluating labor markets for my corporate clients, I have designed a suite of services to give economic development clients the skills and confidence to effectively evaluate the labor market and tell the workforce story.

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ReBoot Your Workforce Story eCourse
Workforce Collateral Critique
Video Training Series:  Workforce Focus
Data Viz for Economic Development


Is Talent Really Currency?
The Next Recruiting Challenge
Myths, Lies, and the Brutal Truth


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